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You might be wondering what a gloryhole actually is, well for starters, it is simply a hole drilled or carved out between two closet like rooms. These stalls might be in a bathroom or perhaps an adult bookstore where you can watch erotic videos. Anyway, that hole is roughly equal to the height of a mans penis and it is intended to be used as a sexual relief spot where one dude sticks his pecker through and a gloryhole wife uses him for fun.

If you need a better explanation you should check out the gloryhole pictures and stories below.

Just to be safe we should say that the gloryhole wife is not meant to be a place for unsafe intercourse. We are only here to show off the fun garnered between healthy adults who happen to love sex and who can do so bareback. Bareback sex at a gloryhole leads to one other interesting element and this is a creampie, which is when the stranger on one side blows his load into the gloryhole wife on the other. If this is something youdon't want to see click here to leave now.

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Gloryhole Girl

The glory hole is a great wonder in the world of sexual taboos. In general some guy just shoved his cock through a hole cut between two booths at an adult theater or as some other wild road side site. As a gloryhole girl I just love wrap my pussy around a hard cock protruding thry the hole, the sexual thrill of knowing I have a strangers cock burried deep in my pussy is truely an amazing turn on for me and I love to hump the cum right out of them which leaves me with a nice creampie for hubby. Typically these strange studs don't waste much time wining and dining, as a matter of fact, most don't even care as long as they get to fill my pussy with cum. I've had to go home many times with nothing more than a a mess of cum dripping down my thighs but I still love every minute.

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Gloryhole Creampie

What is Creampie? A creampie is the term used to describe the visual moment when the guy cums inside of a womans vagina as opposed to pulling out and ejaculating. When I'm at the glory hole I love to take a swollen cock into my pussy and let the stranger experience the sexual satasifaction of ejaculating into my willing pussy. When he finishes cumming inside me he ussually quickly withdraws and heads for the hills, leaving me insemenated with his juicy package.

Glory hole Cruising

This little tidbit of fun came about when doggy started to become popular. In some parts of the world there are public rest areas where people meet and at these locations there will be gloryhole of various forms. We know of one wife who visited these places to collect used condoms and she would take them home, sucks out the cum with a tube, and then inject the sperm into her pussy for a nice creampie. Now this isn't the norm as cruising is simply a term for driving around looking for other to have sex with.

Gloryhole Cum

One thing is always certain, all the guys I meet want to cum, why else would they be Guys with fat hard cocks love nothing more than to stick it thru the gloryhole and have me wrap my pussy around them until they shoot their load and can leave satisfied. Its a thrill to feel of a hot load of cum shot thru the glory hole fill up my twinging pussy and then returning to my husband to show off the creampie left behind by another man.

Gloryhole Creampie Stories

This girl loves to read stories about the glory hole, especially those that talk about girls and their gloryhole creampie adventures. Its hard to find good reading material about woman as they play in strange locations but every now and then I come across one or write one based on my own fun times. Hopefully over the course of time I will bring a bunch of great gloryhole stories here for everyone to enjoy and read.

Cruising For Gloryhole Sex

More and more guys ask me about my method for cruising for sex and its really not very difficult. Once you know where the horny studs hang out you just jump in your auto and head over, as you slowly cruise the areas you will notice those that have interest and its just a matter of showing a little pussy to ensure a hard cock will be waiting in the bushes. Once I have a willing cock hubby will just stop and let me out and I will move into the bushes and strip down and wait to be bred by my new stud. Cruising for sex is a true thriller and a great way to get a creampie in my pussy.

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