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Wife In Gloryhole Booth

September 16th, 2011

Stunned is my word of the day, especially after seeing this picture from our infamous wife at the gloryhole booth. Clearly she wasn’t joking when she told us that before this episode ends she would be barebacking some strange cock at the hole and as you  can clearly see her pussy is half full of penis.


I am willing to wager that less than a handful of men have experienced the pleasure of such an act. Now we all know what a pussy feels like inside but thing for a moment, what would it be like to stick your cock through a hole and have a sexy young wife wrap her lips around your shaft.


You would be standing there almost helpless with no visual of the action and the only sensation you would have would be the wet, tight, sucking action of a strange wife’s twat tugging and sucking on your rod. I think the feeling would be amazing and I hope I am lucky enough to partake in the fun some day.


The wife explained it like this.. After sucking on him for a while my pussy was throbbing for cock and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I stood up in the gloryhole booth and grasp his penis with one hand then gentle guided the tip towards my wet vagina. A couple of strokes against my lips was all that was needed to coat the opening with his semen then I rocked my hips forward and his cock parted my womanhood. I felt the head pass through and was soon experiencing the full feeling of pleasure as a naughty wife in a gloryhole booth should.

Wife Barebacks At Gloryhole

September 12th, 2011

What a tease this wife is, standing there with skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down around her knees. In any other circumstance we wouldn’t think twice about a description like this but when you see the visual of it with her standing inside a dirty back alley adult bookstore booth with some unknown cock who she will soon bareback at the gloryhole then things change.


Truth be told I wasn’t expecting such a hot sight but the reality of whats about to happen still amazes me. I have ready posts about gloryholes and I have even seen a few women in videos but never have I witnessed something this kinky.


Its not just the sight of the hot wife holding a cock against her furry pussy lips, its also the sight of the wedding ring on her finger. A married woman standing in a gloryhole booth about to bareback some guy while her husband snaps off pictures, don’t you love it!


Let me say this, when this wife barebacks at the gloryhole she does it right, and I can’t wait to see the moment that bare cock slips into her wet pussy. The only thing better will be the second that stud blows his load and some creamy white cum gets plastered over her swollen cervix, the resulting creampie deposit could risky for such a fertile unprotected pussy.

A Creampie In The Wife

September 6th, 2011

After the last conversation with the gloryhole wife and the hot photo of her sucking a strange cock I requested a quick pic of something I wanted to view. That being a creampie in the wife, something  you could share that didn’t ruin the story but yet a good shot of cum leaking from her beautiful pussy hole.


Cat being the darling she is sent me the following image and thankfully she did because I love to see creampie shots and could hardly contain my excitement by her return email. If you want to see a high def in your face cum dripping snatch then check this one out.


She explained that this particular photo was taken at a motel after an encounter with another stranger. Apparently her husband wanted to play some sex games so they thought about different things and came up with the following.


Cat would be tied up in a motel room, blindfolded, and left helpless for some anonymous gentleman to use. He could do what he wished with her but the caveat was he had to do her bareback and he had to creampie her pussy. After a search they found such a man and the night was set, she was left, and a creampie in the wife was done.

Wife Sucks Gloryhole Cock

September 3rd, 2011


Uh oh what have we here! Its our mystery wife with a cock in her mouth! Now I have never been to a bookstore with gloryholes so I know nothing about the act but I have to say that just standing there with your cock threw a hole while some strange hot wife sucks it hard sure sounds appealing.


Cat explained that she loved to suck cock and had her first experience doing so at about 15 years old. It was at a birthday party with her high school hunny and one thing led to another and they ended up in the parking lot. She explained that he wanted sex and they did the touch and grab with each other but as she wasn’t on birth control they didn’t take it all the way.



Not wanting to be displeasing to him she offered to suck his cock which for obvious reasons he gladly agreed. I was dark out so she moved into position and he pulled his penis from his pants, and as she puts it, I took the tip of it in my mouth but not much more, it tasted very salty but nothing bad, then Iicked it up and down. I was very inexperienced but soon figured things out and within a minute he exploded into my mouth. I was shocked at first but swallowed managed to swallow most of his cum.


Well all we can say is good for you! Wish my girlfriend would have blown me at 15! Anyway back to the event, this is a lovely example of how a wife sucks gloryhole cock, and my only complaint is that it isn’t mine.


Gloryhole Pussy And Cock

August 31st, 2011

Boy this story is getting interesting now. Last time we checking in the gloryhole wife was waiting next to the hole for some strange cock and it looks like she has found exactly what her wet pussy needs. This stud looks like a winner to me, rock hard and ready, I can only imagine what naughty things will soon transpire.


In her words, I was a bit nervous but also very excited when after about fifteen minutes I heard someone enter the booth next to mine. As I gazed through the gloryhole I could see a handsome man of maybe 40 years looking back at me, and to my thrill he was smiling and eager to chat about the circumstances that brought me to this adult bookstore.


We laughed and talked as I explained my situation. He asked the normal questions one would ask, like was this my first time, and of course flooded me with compliments hoping that I would follow his advances. Little did he know just how eager I was to move forward and how badly my pussy wanted his cock.


As a gloryhole wife I was surprised by his politeness, but found it adorable none the less, and then our conversation turned naughty when he asked if would like to see his cock. Of course I said yes so he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his underwear which caused my heart to pound double time.  I could tell instantly when I saw how hard it was that soon I would have my pussy wrapped tightly around it.

Wifes Pussy At The Gloryhole

August 28th, 2011

Yes on with the saga! Now we are getting closer to the actual moment of fun. When we last left our creampie loving housewife Cat she had just entered the gloryhole and was waiting for a strange cock to hump. The petite five foot two inch blonde bombshell of a wife had described her thoughts about bareback sex and internal cumshots and we learned she was fertile and still willing to let some unknown gentleman fill her pussy with sperm.


This next photo starts to get revealing as we finally get to see what hot package is hiding under that stripped black and burgundy shirt. Covering her baby box is a cute little pair of peach colored panties, and we know what hides beneath, that warm wet cum hole!


As I mentioned before this is one back woods adult video booth, hell you can see cigarette butts on the floor, ashes everywhere, and what looks like cum stains on the wall, but that doesn’t seem to bother Cat who is standing at the gloryhole in her sexy hooker boots.


Personally I would love to be there now to feel those peachy thighs of hers, and of course stick my rod up her ass while she bangs some lucky dude’s penis, after all a wife’s pussy at the gloryhole makes me more than horny especially considering I know she would let me cum inside her butt leaving her with a dripping anal creampie. As a famous host puts it, stay tuned for the rest of this story, when next we get to see her with a swinging dick.